Businesses have the potential to generate a lot of paperwork, spreadsheets, post-its, calendar entries and client data, as well as requiring some pretty complex processes and workflows to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

We offer bespoke system development within 3rd party framework such as Microsoft Access, Filemaker, Sharepoint and other platforms.

Our experience of producing systems includes (but is not limited to):-


  • HR management platform with full management reporting
  • Training / CPD monitor (multi-jurisdiction) with hiearchichal/lateral secured access and reporting
  • Migration middleware for data clean-up / consolidation exercise
  • Timeshare management system
  • Microsoft Office add-ins for enhancing development and document generation

Finance / Wealth Management

  • Complete client management system, including KYC tracking
  • Multi- jurisdiction / business-line / subject matter expert service matrix with HTML export for Intranet
  • Multi-site report deployment tool for SSRS report and ViewPoint Form / Template libraries

Fulfilment / Warehousing

  • Dispatch management (multiple jurisdiction)
  • Retail tax calculations and reporting (multiple jurisdiction)
  • Stock control / inventory management
  • Platform management (multi-website / multi-platform integration)
  • E-commerce administration platform maintenance, consolidation and add-in / feature development


  • Retail POS system with purchase and sales ledger, back-orders, client accounts
  • Payroll system for calculating staff wages / contributions
  • Bank payments monitor / log system


  • Workshop parts and service management system

Whilst it may seem trite to say "we enjoy the challenge of building solutions" it is true!  We enjoy collaborating with our clients and within the team to build solid systems that delivers on our promise and keep running (without mandatory periodic "tweaks").