You've finally taken the plunge, cleared the monitor, webcam, beige speakers, subwoofer, microphone and metal box off your (now pristine) desk and in its place is a flawless piece of Apple engineering...but you're not quite sure you're feeling the benefits yet.

We have been providing home tuition and one-to-one support to many different clients of all ages and abilities for over 20 years, and can help with all manner of topics, including, but not limited to:-

  • Moving from PC to Mac, including migration of data and getting to grips with your new computer
  • Upgrading your Mac, including migration of data and advice on purchasing
  • Using your Mac to manage your music, photos, videos ("digital life")
  • Troubleshooting, support and advice on online protection, backup solutions, complimentary equipment
  • Tuition on using iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, whatever new gadget comes next...)
  • Supply, setup and configuration of equipment
  • Advice on software decisions, such as "I used this on my PC - what's the Mac equivalent?"
  • Upgrade of existing (out of warranty) equipment
  • Repair of existing (out of warranty) equipment 

Also, for Mac or Mac/PC combined businesses we can assist with:-

  • Consultancy on business hardware and software requirements
  • Client/server set-up and configuration of OS X Server
  • Systems development and Data services

Whilst the key focus is on Apple Mac, we are also able to offer (unbiased) support for the Windows platform, after all, we use it extensively for our Systems and Data service lines too.


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