Where is the benefit in recording every last bit of data about your business if you can't make use of it?  Well, without having to spend days bashing it around in Excel, or worse, having to work out how someone else normally does it.  Every.  Month.  End.

As experienced Business Intelligence (BI) professionals we are able to provide a full range of data services, from data quality / integrity checking and migrations right through to self-service Management Information (MI) and BI dashboarding.

Examples of some of the services we can provide (and have provided) are listed below:-

  • Data cleansing, reconciliation, integrity checks
  • Data Migrations from/to single or multiple sources
  • Data transformation, including scheduled scripts where necessary
  • Self-service or standalone reporting library development, e.g.:-
    • Control Reports
    • Financial Reporting
    • Admin & Compliance/KYC Reporting
    • Data Quality / Monitoring Reports
    • Productivity & Performance Tracking (e.g. Staff Utilisation)
    • Security Configuration / Matrix Reporting
  • Management Information / Dash-board design and configuration
  • Self-service reporting, including subscriptions and dynamic data sources
  • Data presentation for internal, client-facing or board pack purposes through various mediums (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Printed)

We're confident that if you can explain your requirements to us in a way we all understand, we can work with you to build a solution that will meet and, ideally, exceed your expectations.

Please get in touch with us for further information.