The White Lion Foundation – Website

Newly formed global charity, The White Lion Foundation, asked for a website to act as a central point of information for potential donors to read about the work they do, and to get involved in raising money for them to help with wildlife conservation and welfare.

Within the initial brief for the website, the client outlined that they would like the website to be visually impactful, sophisticated and easy to navigate. It was at this point that we felt that a full width layout, with high quality images was appropriate in order to make the user feel immersed within the website. We also opted for the website to only use a cheeseburger menu in order to relieve clutter from the website, keeping user focus more on the content of the website.

The website has sophistically placed call to action buttons pointing users to donate to the charity or specific projects they are running. These help users to navigate the website easily, as well as encouraging them to browse the website more and, hopefully, donate.

All of the Donkeylogic team were involved in The White Lion Foundation project in one way or another and, being an office of animal lovers, we were passionate about getting the messages of poaching and endangered species eloquently echoed across in different avenues on the website. One element which involved both our creatives and our system developers were creating the donationfundraising and e-adoption functions so that a third party iFrame was linked through and embedded into the website so that once a button was clicked, the iFrame would load, appear and take the user through to the portal to pay.

We are fortunate to still be involved in constantly improving and updating the look of the website, with new features being developed such as an online shop for users to purchase products in aid of the charity. Alongside the website, we are still working with The White Lion Foundation on creating print products and social media content.

Donkeylogic are exceptional in every way. They are a highly talented team of individuals who work with passion and skill to create a high end and user-friendly website design to showcase you and your business.

Their technical know-how matched by creative flair creates a visually sunning platform to profile your content and style.

Ever friendly and reliable, they are truly an award-winning young company and no doubt will be receiving many more accolades to come.

Shirley Galligan,
Executive Board, The White Lion Foundation