The White Lion Foundation – Branding

We were approached by Executive Board members Shirley Galligan and Dr John Knight from The White Lion Foundation at the start of their creation of their global charity. We were asked to help them create the charity's brand as well as design and develop their website.

Initially, the charity needed a logo to be the basis of all future designs. The brief from the client was to have a sophisticated, regal, stylish logo to echo quality - using corporate colours of gold and white as suggested by the client. The first project The White Lion Foundation was involved in was the rescue of three white lion cubs who were part of the illegal wildlife trade. These cubs were all named after Game of Thrones characters which is why the regal looking lions, crown and wreath are featured on their logo.


Once the logo design was finalised, we worked on creating a comprehensive branding document which outlined the branding colours, typography, logo design and examples of how the logo can be used. This gave structure to how we could create future branded items for the charity in order make sure everything echoed the desired synergy and brand identity.

Below are a selection of branded items and print products we have created for The White Lion Foundation including:

  • Email signatures integrated with Microsoft Office 365
  • Letterheads suitable for Microsoft Word and Pages
  • Cohesive social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Vimeo
  • E-invitations
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Event catalogues
  • MailChimp templates for newsletters and e-adoptions
  • Postcard notes
  • Event tickets
  • Merchandise