The Guernsey Classic Vehicle Club – Website

Being the only classic car club in Guernsey, The Guernsey Classic Vehicle Club LBG (GCVC) wanted something to encourage new membership and showcase club events and other events with which it gets involved for car enthusiasts in Guernsey.

The use of 'Guernsey green' throughout the website reflects the strong patriotism of the club to its local heritage. The vibrant colour also echoes the enthusiasm that the committee and members have for their hobby.

The links from the site to other forums, clubs and organisations were particularly important as many events attended by local club members are organised by other groups. We included the logos with each of these links as well as a short description to give the page more visual impact.

It was important for the website to have a more contemporary feel than its predecessor despite the nature of the content. Ease and efficiency of updating was also of key importance as the site is regularly updated with the large number of events organised throughout the year as well as items often being put up for sale and promoted through a dedicated page on the site.

The site is fully responsive for anyone who is looking at the site on their tablet or mobile phone. A simple, easy and interesting way to find out about classic cars in Guernsey.