St Matthew’s Wild West Bazaar – Graphic Design


Every year, St Matthew’s Church runs an annual bazaar to raise money for the church as no funding is received from the States of Guernsey. Each year, the bazaar selects a theme which is used for the promotion of the event as well as on the day itself.  This year we went 'Wild West'.

The main aim behind the promotion was for the design to be eye-catching but at the same time informative to attract people to come to the event giving them a clear idea of what they might expect. Footfall is crucial to this type of event as it is a key fundraiser for the organisation, so maximising income was a key driver. 

We created a logo to run in line with the theme which would be used on all of the promotional channels and we also designed tickets and a poster to promote the event.

The Wild West theme gave us great creative scope. The poster we designed was evocative of the 'Western movie' look and feel with a typical dramatic and eye-catching layout that you would expect. The subtle use of blues and yellows also mirrored the Castel parish colour scheme - the parish St Matthew’s Church is based.