St Matthews and Ste Marie du Castel

We are committed to supporting the local community and so were more than happy to be given the opportunity to create the joint St Matthews and Ste Marie du Castel church website.

We were given complete creative freedom over the look and feel of the website, with the primary stipulation that the site provided a  progressive, rich, responsive experience that projects a feeling of inclusion.  We opted for a floating design, with complementing background images, and accent colours for each church to keep them distinct.

Whilst the site landing page is aimed at both churches, each church has its own set of menus and pages as they are both individual.  The site contains an event calendar and a list of service times that span both churches.  The Blog and Gallery pages are also able to be opted in or out for each church to remove the need for duplication.

St Matthews (Cobo Church) is the local church for the Vazon and Cobo area, and was the vision of Marianne Carey. She raised funds to allow the construction of the church for the local fishermen (hence why St Matthews is also known as the Fisherman's church) and was completed in 1850. St Matthews is an independent church and so the congregation have to raise the funds to maintain the building themselves.

Ste Marie du Castel (Castel Church) is much older than St Matthews, it is the Castel parish church and is over 800 years old.