Queens Road Dental Centre – Website & Branding

Queens Road Dental Centre requested our help with a total rebrand. The team needed a new website, logo and branded products in line with the redecorating and restyling of the practice.

It quickly became apparent during the initial meeting with the client,  that they wanted a boutique, sophisticated, modern and clean aesthetic, which both we and the client feel has been achieved.

One view that the client expressed was that although it is a dental practice, they definitely did not want the branding to feature a big, cartoon, white tooth. The logo uses slate grey, a colour featured throughout the newly refurbished practice, as well as clean and modern typefaces. Although a tooth appears in the logo, it has a sophisticated look and feel and is in keeping with the ethos of the practice.

Queens Road Dental Centre Logo

The website is a brochure site providing information on all of the services which the practice offers, as well as information about the practice, the team, the fees and testimonials. We designed a number of online forms which the user can complete and, on submission, is e-mailed directly to the Queens Road Dental Centre reception. The user can register as a patient, request a booking, provide feedback or make a general enquiry. The client also wanted the opportunity for patients to be able to book their appointments online, so this system was integrated into the website.

From seeing the practice whilst it was being redecorated and from hearing the client’s thoughts, it was evident that they wanted grey, black and white to be used throughout the website to be in keeping with the rest of the branding. However, it is important to have an accent colour on the website to make elements, such as links, more obvious. It was decided that the teal/blue from the old branding would be the best colour to use. It brings to mind an image of freshness and cleanliness. It also provides transition from the old centre to the new one.

The new website contains a page called the Smile Gallery.  The client wanted to demonstrate the differences that their dental work made to their patients in a portfolio style. We designed the smile gallery to display a 'before and after' photograph of a smile. The user can hover to reveal more of either the before or after smile.  This provides a visual synopsis of the work that the patients have had done in an elegant style.

As with the logo, the client did not want the website to be 'all about teeth'. They wanted the website to highlight the practice’s newly refurbished interior design, which is one of the differentiating factors of their practice to all others in Guernsey. Each page of the website has a large featured image at the top which can be used to display the practice's interior.

The entire site was built with ease of maintenance in mind for the client as well as ease of use for the user. Adding content to all elements of the site is simple and dynamic so the client is able to update everything themselves. The site is also completely responsive.

Alongside the logo and website, we designed a number of other print products, including business cards, appointment cards, compliment slips, online and printed letterheads. These were all designed in line with the logo and the website both in terms of design and colour scheme, providing a new complete and consistent branding for Queens Road Dental Centre.

QRDC Compliment Slip

We were understandably anxious about creating an entirely new website from scratch.  In fact, I think we procrastinated slightly, primarily because we believed it would be a monumental task given the amount of information required, as well as the various options and 'widgets' desired for our new site.

Given our initial concerns, we could not have been more pleasantly surprised by how straightforward Megan and Justin made the entire process, facilitating everything from start to finish.  From the initial meeting through to the final touches, the team at Donkeylogic were incredible.  They pinpointed exactly what was required and went above the call of duty - nothing was too much trouble.   From designing our new logo, cards and letterheads, (including ordering and dropping them off personally!), to designing a stunning website with all the functionality we could envisage and far more.  Our involvement was strictly supplying text and photos and leaving everything else to the team.  If we had a third party 'widget' to integrate, Donkeylogic took over seamlessly, leaving us with no headaches or code chasing.  They simply took on the entire burden of the process with a smile.

The real talent with Donkeylogic lies in the information gathering meeting and the recognition of their client's USP.  They walked away with a clear vision of what we expected and absorbed so much of the necessary detail - so casually that we hardly noticed we had passed the information on.  Yet Donkeylogic translated this perfectly and went beyond our expectations in a record amount of time, meeting our deadline without hesitation.

We also imagined that once live, the website would be full of bugs and issues to rectify.  Part of my concern was anticipating problems.  If anyone had promised that a website could be designed and introduced with nothing more than a few accommodating tweaks, I would have laughed. However, this is exactly what transpired.  The website, once live, was as near flawless as one could expect.  We highly recommend Donkeylogic and would not hesitate for a moment to use their services again for future I.T., marketing/logo and website design.  They are absolute stars!

Stefan Cloete and Marni Alexander
Queens Road Dental Centre, Principal and Clinical Director