Naftel Associates – Website

Naftel Associates asked us to rebuild its website using an alternative platform. This original site had been built in RapidWeaver which is a great platform for creating highly customisable sites, but perhaps more of a challenge for 'non-techie' clients who understandably want to be able to update their websites easily and quickly themselves. Naftel then asked us to rebuild the site in WordPress.

WordPress's online dashboard means that a site administrator can update content from anywhere with internet access; no additional software is required. It’s  a robust framework used by an estimated 51% of site owners.

We took the opportunity to make a few improvements on the original design where applicable. Certain elements have been modernised - larger font sizes to match the higher resolutions of current devices and to increase legibility in general. The responsive design has also been improved. These are subtle tweaks that would normally go unnoticed, but help to keep the site looking fresh. We did, however, maintain the strong aesthetic from the previous site.

We rebuilt the site with back-end usability in mind from the very beginning.  All the content is dynamic so articles only need adding once and will automatically display across the site where intended. This is a huge time saver for the client and also makes user error far less likely.