Maxicorp Property – Website

Through the Maxicorp Property site  we aimed to illustrate the scale of the business Therefore we opted for a full screen-width slider on the homepage which gives large, clear striking images of the properties held within the Maxicorp portfolio.

The entire site was styled to be aligned with the Maxicorp brand and mirrors the main group site in many ways in terms of colour palette and layout. The overall style is corporate, clean, and engaging.

Using a two-column approach for the property portfolio page enabled us to present more items at a glance, without compromising too much on space to showcase each property.

The structure of the site was designed so that each individual property page can be set up to highlight specific aspects either through imagery and/or text - rather than having to work with a fixed template layout.

This helps the client keep the site up-to-date in a manageable way without them having to seek external assistance to make relatively straightforward changes and additions to the site.