Law Guernsey – Website

The Guernsey Bar, Law Guernsey, initially approached us after an idea to collate legal texts into an online library so that the Channel Island's legal students and lawyers can easily the texts that they need.

The majority of these resources are originally stored in libraries and in personal collections, so Law Guernsey are gathering these pieces from supporters and, with donations, are aiming to grow the website to scan the original texts, convert the PDFs into readable texts for computers and upload these PDFs into manageable files for people to read.

We were asked to make the website easy to navigate, with minimal clutter so that it was easy for people to find what they are looking for. Due to the large PDF files that were being uploaded the website, the look and feel of the website is clean and "light" so that load times were not impacted. Particularly if users were looking at the website on a mobile or tablet device.

The team at Law Guernsey are continuing to work hard collating these texts and expanding the website even more. Watch this space for more additions!