Ink It On – Website

Ink it On is a merchandise printing company, specialising in printing seaside town souvenirs including mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, pens, magnets, notebooks, keyrings and pretty much type of memorabilia you can think of!

The company also owns The Guernsey Shop and designs and prints all the shop's souvenirs. The success of The Guernsey Shop inspired the team to start to promote to customers further afield than Guernsey, and therefore launched a campaign to market their services to UK seaside towns.

They clearly needed to develop a website as a key part of the new campaign and development plans - enter Donkeylogic. We were delighted that they came to us to build a new site to showcase their designs and products.

Ink it On's stripy, multi-coloured logo and modern, spacious workshop were the first points of inspiration. The website had to be equally bright and colourful to reflect the company's brand and creativity. We used all six colours in the logo across the site as accent colours to make headings, buttons and links really pop and we incorporated a colourful grid panel layout to make information and products stand out.




We are now in the process of adding a fully-functional eCommerce system to the website - a catalogue of Ink it On's products and designs for customers to order directly online or view for inspiration.