Guernsey Art Network – Website

We were asked by Guernsey Art Network (GAN) to design a range of promotional materials for this year's event. This has included invitations, brochures and other collateral as well as an event website. The site incorporates the minimalist design, strong lines, and colour scheme used across all of the communications channels maintaining  a strong consistent brand aesthetic.

The website needed to include an easy-to- events listing as well as  creating a portfolio about  each of the artists involved in the Skipton Art Festival and the Guernsey Art Network (GAN). We opted for a masonry layout for posts about each artist so pieces could be browsed  at the visitors' leisure. This approach also encourages further exploration of the site.

The events page was created in calendar form, with each day and event linking to a dedicated page with all the necessary information.

The site is fully responsive, maintains a sleek design with a bold, high contrast palette.