Grow Limited – Website & Branding

Grow Limited requested our help with a rebrand of their website and branding. The charity is undergoing a new redevelopment of their premises in order to cater for more people who require their help, provide more training and to improve all of their facilities.

Their project requires a significant amount of funding, and in order to provide a professional image to potential donors, Grow wanted to refresh themselves.

Grow's logo was first created when the charity was formed 35 years ago. It was a complicated logo including hands, a flower and a building. We aimed to transfer some of these elements across for brand consistency, whilst also modernising the brand and making it clearer to potential donors what Grow does.

The logo uses both a vibrant green and a dark, forest green in order to portray modern, fresh and horticultural connotations. We then chose a hand with a seedling to represent the supportive nature of the charity where they help people flourish and grow.


The website acts a main point of interest for potential donors to find out about the charity and how they help both members of the disabled community and people who require their services. It also acts as a place for people to get involved, whether it is helping with events, attending events, paying for services or donating directly via the website.

The entire site was built with ease of maintenance in mind for the client as well as ease of use and accessibility for the user.For that reason, there is a clear page structure with contact details situated at the top of the page. Adding content to all elements of the site is simple and dynamic so the client is able to update everything themselves. The site is also completely responsive.

In addition to the website and development of the new website, we were asked to create a new logo for the Friends of Grow, who volunteer for Grow to raise money. They are known as FrOGs and, although there were frog related designs, we felt that keeping the same icon of the hand, would improve consistency across the brand.

We were also asked to create a stamp which could be used on letters, social media and other branded goods for Grow's 35 year anniversary.