GAN – Open Art Exhibition Invitations


The Open Art Exhibition at Candie Museum was the first event for the Skipton Art Festival 2016 organised by Guernsey Art Network (GAN). We created the invitations for the opening night using a style that would be the basis for all the work we’d be doing for GAN throughout the summer, which would include a website and all the GAN promotional material.

We took a contemporary approach, keeping the different information sections within defined boxed areas. The transparency on each text element was to give the invitation a handmade aesthetic while keeping the strong geometry and bold lines.

Rather than cover the page in images, we added a small selection of paintings from last year's festival as a teaser as to the kind of thing attendees could expect. The white background across half of the invitation avoided cluttering the text with too many obscuring details permeating from the background.

The colours were largely driven by the Guernsey Art Network logo and those of the sponsors. These also informed our choice of art. The images were selected to create a type of gradient down the page and avoided the overall effect looking too jarring, given that we already had adopted a somewhat 'haphazard' look for the various text elements.

We are thoroughly enjoying working with the GAN team as we are given a completely free hand with our creativity!