Charles Parkinson – Election Campaign

Charles Parkinson

We were asked to support Charles Parkinson's election campaign prior to his landslide victory in the St.Peter Port North by-election in December 2015 and then again to design promotional material for his campaign for this year's election which included a website, manifesto, and calling cards.

We began with his manifesto, creating a style that could then be used  across other communication channels. Charles was keen to incorporate blue as the basis for a colour scheme and so this was used for the headers and call out text against a grey background and with a faint but large image of St. Peter Port North as a backdrop. The text was provided prior to the design so we were able to work the design around the content. It was also important to provide contact details and Charles’s twitter handle which formed a key part of his campaign communications. We also ensured that there was a comment facility within his blog page to enable and encourage easy engagement with his electorate.

The website was designed to hold most of the key content on one page including a personal introduction, a summary of Charles’s key policies, other issues and a link to his manifesto. A contact form was added to allow voters to contact him easily and quickly.

The calling cards were the final string to the campaign bow. They helped to add a personal touch in the event that Charles wasn’t able to speak to the constituents directly when visiting their homes. These played a key part in his activities and showed the electorate a personal approach rather than Charles having asked someone to deliver manifestos on his behalf. 

We were delighted that Charles was successful in his bid for re-election, placing second in his district with an impressive 1,379 votes.