Castel Parish – Website



One of our most exciting recent website projects was building a new website for Castel Parish. The previous website was outdated, clunky to use and difficult for administrators to update. We were determined to create a beautiful, modern site to showcase Castel in all its glory whilst being a user-friendly, intuitive and useful resource for parishioners, islanders, visitors and anyone interested in knowing more about the parish.

Choosing a colour scheme for the website was easy and sparked the creativity and inspiration needed to make the website both fresh and familiar. Using the parish crest's colours - blue and yellow - was a no-brainer and we chose the shades of sky blue and sunshine yellow to give it a "summer on the west coast" feel.  We used the navy blue  of the crest for the body text and white space to keep text legible. This colour palette makes the website look sunny and happy, the ideal Castel experience!

The new website had to be informative and practical - an online brochure for visitors who want to find out more about the parish and the island of Guernsey; a directory for islanders to find out about upcoming events in the parish and meeting times for parish groups; and a useful tool for Castel residents to get information about refuse and recycling collections, upcoming Douzaine meetings and so on. The website's best features include a search function on the Refuse page so parishioners can search their road name to find out their refuse collection day and the ability to view digital copies of the parish magazine 'Castel Matters'.

One thing that the old Castel website lacked was images - so we fixed that! It was important to the client that we showcase the lovely places that the parish has to offer, so we decided to use large banner images on each page, many of which were photographs from local photographers, James Machon and Sam Peek, who kindly allowed us to use their portfolios of Castel's beautiful beaches, parks, landmarks and scenic spots.

We thoroughly enjoyed this website project and being the producers of Castel Matters too, we now feel very much part of the Castel family!