Castel Matters: Winter / Spring ’17 – Publication


Donkeylogic’s first publication! A bi-annual magazine that is distributed to the 4000 houses in the Castel parish in Guernsey. It acts as a way for the community spirit within the parish to stay alive by light-heartedly hearing about the news, stories and information that is going on.

Using Adobe InDesign, we created a number of templates that could be used on the different pages and these templates could then be compiled into a “Book” format.

As editors of the magazine as well as designers, we had to find advertising, articles and make sure that all of the details in the magazine were correct with those who it impacted. It was a truly collaborative project.

Working alongside the Castel Douzaine, we came up with a more vibrant and modern design which, in comparison to some of the other parish magazines, now makes Castel’s stand out. Despite being more contemporary, we feel we have retained continuity from the previous publications using similar colour schemes and section names  - keeping the “… Matters” theme. We also contacted new companies to advertise as well as welcoming back some of the regular contributors to continue writing. So overall we have the same overall 'feel', just in a different ‘shell’.