Carol Champion Nutrition – Website

Carol Champion Nutrition

Carol approached us to create a website to publicise her nutrition therapy business, Carol Champion Nutrition. As well as providing client information and the services Carol offers, the site needed to promote healthy eating and have a clean fresh feel.

Carol is an avid user of Facebook and this is one of her principal marketing channels. We therefore incorporated a Facebook feed in the sidebar so that site visitors could easily see news and updates that she posts.

As Carol operates a fairly niche business, the site needed to include a good amount of information (and therefore text) explaining her services, philosophy and how her consultation offering operates. To facilitate text visibility, we therefore selected a white background with a modern typeface for clarity.

She also needed forms for clients to download. These were added in editable PDF format so that people could complete them and send them to Carol, ahead of their appointments.

In this type of area, trust is an imperative of success. So we added a testimonial page so that people can see the impact Carol has had on the health of her clients and to add another level of credibility to her service offering.

The site is clean, responsive, easy to navigate and read, and has a nice splash of colour that keeps it looking fresh and appealing.