Caritas – Website


In 2016, Caritas was our chosen charity and as part of our support we designed a new website.

It was important that the design be friendly and approachable, as well as informative. For this site, simplicity was key. The information had to be clear and legible for a very wide and disparate audience. So we selected a clear, legible typeface in dark grey, with a white background for easy reading. Tying the website with the Caritas branding, we also picked out and highlighted areas in green which broadened the colour palette and gave the site additional visual lift.

With Caritas being involved in a number of activities, it was essential that any visitor could locate and access what he or she waslookging for easily and quickly. Somebody might just be looking for directions to the Café, for instance. The site is divided into a small number of pages, each with a single topic. This allows for the site to be expanded easily as the charity expands its operation into new or complementary areas of activity.

The photography also added a huge amount of lift to the pages and we can’t thank Nick Depres enough for supplying these beautiful images. We had previously designed the café menu and so used an eye catching graphic of that to use on the website too. This all contributed to creating a vibrant aesthetic throughout.

The site is fully responsive and works across all common browsers.