Work Experience – Lucy Mauger

Hi, my name is Lucy and I had a great week at Donkeylogic. I felt very welcomed and supported by the staff through all the activities I did while there. This was my first work experience placement and am glad I went to such a friendly place!

Day 1

On the Monday, Cameron helped me set up my own computer up in the workshop by removing the hard drive to install the correct software. I used the instructions from before assembling it again so we could set it up with anything I’d need for the rest of my time there. At the end of the day, we had a brief meeting to discuss what the team did the previous week.

Day 2

On Tuesday, I began to work on my first design task to create a social media post and poster for Donkeylogic’s quiz night in aid of the Hibbs Lupus Trust. I was shown how to use Adobe InDesign by Steph before researching for colour themes and looking for inspiration. The charity’s logo is purple and features a small butterfly, so I decided to include these aspects.

Day 3

On Wednesday, I carried on with designing the social media post and finished it soon after. I ended up using circles and different transparency levels to layer them on each other. Once I was happy with it, I replicated it in a similar design on a A5 layout for the poster. In the afternoon, Steph gave me a choice of three topics to create an infographic  and I decided to go with ‘How People Spend their Time Online.’ Like the previous day, I started looking for colour schemes and examples that I could use for inspiration. However, I also needed to research information that I could use. We then had a long design team meeting to track everyone’s progress.

Day 4

On Thursday, I started to design my infographic on InDesign with all the information I gathered the previous day. I took inspiration from the Donkeylogic logo and primarily used the colour orange with the occasional accent of blue to contrast. By the afternoon, I had finished so Jamie taught me the basics of using SQL. To begin with I struggled, but started to get the hang of it after working through the tasks on

Day 5

On Friday, I carried on with using SQL and really enjoyed completing each task. For lunch, we were treated by having lunch ordered into the office and I had a delicious chicken pad Thai!

I would like to thank everyone at Donkeylogic who welcomed me and helped me learn about what they do each week. To anyone who is thinking of taking work experience here, I would thoroughly recommend it!