Work Experience – Simon Arnold

Simon Arnold, a student at La Mare de Carteret High School, spent a week on work experience with the team, getting an overview of what we do, as well as some some hands-on practical experience of our day-to-day activities. Simon is currently studying for his GCSEs (including IT of course). In his own words, this is what he got up to during his time here…

Day one: On the first day after I was introduced to everyone, Scott helped me to set up my Mac and get everything ready for the week. Then I shadowed Steph on some of the processes involved in creating a website. After that  Jamie and I went into the workshop to build a workstation desktop computer for a client.  I then had to learn the basics of HTML to try and make a website of a basic wireframe template – which was semi-successful. The last job of the day was a site visit with Jamie and Scott to set up the computer and monitors for a client.

Day two: At the start of the second day I went with Jamie and Scott on a call out to set up some laptops for a client followed by more HTML wireframe work back at the office.  Jamie then talked me through the basics of SQL and I had a go at that after lunch. At the end of the day Justin walked me through how to record macros and interpret the output Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code and set me some VBA tasks to do.

Day three: On day three Scott and I went out on a call out to a client’s house to move some data from one computer to another and set up his office 365.  Then I went back to my VBA macro work and tried a variety of things with longer and more complex macros. After that I started on converting PDF files using automated OCR for a client. Next, we had the weekly team meeting and Scott did a presentation on GDPR to the rest of the team.  After that I was back to my OCR work.

Day Four: On Thursday I started on my VBA work again and cleaned up the boxes for recycling that we had leftover from Monday. Then Jamie and I took the spare client hard-drives from the workshop and secure-erased them all.  The afternoon was spent on my file conversions plus watching Jamie and Scott set up a projector and some speakers for the company pizza and film night on Friday.

Day Five: On Friday the first thing I did was look at the company’s Network Attached Storage device (NAS) and Scott showed me how the router worked. Scott and I then spent some time troubleshooting an iMac from a client which had a corrupted SSD drive. We took  appropriate measures to fix it (formatting the drive and restoring the contents from the client’s backup drive).  After that Jamie dissassembled a computer and then I had to put it back together again for a bit of practice (and variety!).  Soon after I shadowed Jamie on all sorts of data, HTML/SQL bits and bobs. The team was treated to a takeaway Thai from BAO Asian Café by the company, and after lunch I was back at the OCRing task.

Thank you to everyone at Donkeylogic for the great experience and for making sure I had a really varied week.