Work Experience – Aidan Regan

Hi, my name is Aidan I have had a wonderful time with the staff at Donkelyogic doing a week of work experience. I know it’s stressful going into the workplace for the first time but the staff at Donkeylogic made sure I was welcomed and well looked after.


On Monday morning Scott showed me around the office. He then set me up on my Mac we installed all the programmes ready to start work for the week. Later that day I spent time shadowing Steph who showed me the website she was working on and talked me through how she had gone about building it and others she had been involved with.


On Tuesday I shadowed Jamie who is involved in software solutions. He also showed me Visual Studio and other programmes he uses. In the afternoon, Steph set me the task of thinking about a website that I might want to build. I finally chose to create the website about computers and computer technology.


On Wednesday morning I was using the skills that Jamie and Steph had demonstrated to make my website start to look good! We used WordPress as the website platform and then styled it using some basic CSS to change the colour palette (fonts, table headers, icons, menu items etc.) and to personalise it the way I wanted to. In the afternoon I did some insurance handling with Justin.



I spent Thursday recording macros on Microsoft Excel with help from Jamie, and coding macros on Excel using Visual Basic. I admittedly found this quite challenging because it was a topic I have never covered before.


On Friday I was up in the work shop with Jamie trying to fix a monitor. I also finished off the Excel project. In the afternoon we had lots of cakes!

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to the Donkeylogic staff – they are very nice and funny people they make you feel welcome! I would definitely recommend taking work experience there!