Meet The Donkey Sanctuary

The team here at Donkeylogic comprises of eight members who work across our four service lines: Support, Design, Systems and Data.

But what you may not know is that our team actually extends further than that. We have another eight members – Cocoa, Bonnie, Timothy, Zena, Ashley, Millie, Walter and Hannah – the eight donkeys that each of our team members have adopted from The Donkey Sanctuary!

The Donkey Sanctuary is an international animal welfare charity, based in Sidmouth, Devon. The charity was founded in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE, who dedicated her life to caring for donkeys. Although she passed away in 2011, the sanctuary continues to champion her work, working tirelessly to look after donkeys from all over the world.

The charity’s mission is to “transform the quality of life for donkeys, mules and people worldwide through greater understanding, collaboration and support, and by promoting lasting, mutually life-enhancing relationships.”Blog_TheDonkeySanctuary_1

One of The Donkey Sanctuary’s greatest responsibilities is monitoring the welfare and improving the lives of donkeys and mules across the world, as well as the people who rely heavily on these animals to maintain their quality of life. Donkeys bring water, wood and food to homes in some communities and are very much seen as part of the family.

Donkeys often work in very harsh, tiring conditions, carrying heavy items in scorching heat and being pushed to their physical and emotional limits. The Donkey Sanctuary keep a close eye on the welfare of the animals and work quickly to resolve issues.

The charity continually strive to raise awareness about the importance and value of donkeys to our lives and work on a local, national and international level to change laws to increase protection for these beautiful animals.

As Guerns, and great donkey supporters, we felt it only right to do our bit to help, so as of January 2017, we have each adopted a donkey. By adopting our donkeys, we are helping to support The Donkey Sanctuary care for donkeys all over the world, as well as the largest collective group of mules in England. In return, we get regular updates from our Donkeys and we even got Valentine’s Day cards this year! It really is a love-love relationship!

We are proud to support The Donkey Sanctuary here at Donkeylogic and we’d encourage our clients to see for themselves just how much of a difference you can make!

If you’d like to get involved, some ways to help include: donating, joining the re-homing scheme, holding a bake sale, adopt a donkey or if you find yourself near Sidmouth, you could visit The Donkey Sanctuary (they’re open 365 days a year) or even volunteer or do some work experience there!

We have included a free adoption of a donkey for a year in our Webruary special offer – check out our Facebook page for details.