Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Today, 20th March, is International Day of Happiness, a movement started by charity Action for Happiness in 2010. International Day of Happiness aims to create a happier society by encouraging people to think about what makes them happy and act on it, as well as to do gestures of kindness to increase the happiness of others.

Happiness is subjective, but is universally understood as a sense of peace, contentment and joy. Everyone achieves happiness in different ways, depending on what is valuable to them in that particular point in their lives. Sometimes doing things for yourself can feel selfish, especially if you have a family to look after. Taking time out for some “me time” might make you feel guilty, but it shouldn’t! Happiness is so incredibly important as it is the foundation of our wellbeing and affects our entire lives. If we feel happy, we are more productive and able to thrive in all areas of our lives, including at work, in our family environment and in social circles.


An overall sense of happiness can be difficult to achieve, but studies have shown that practicing gratitude for what we have can significantly increase our overall sense of happiness.

One way of doing this is by acknowledging three things every day that make us happy, or that we are grateful for. By doing this, we are encouraging positive thinking and becoming more aware of what we have, rather than focusing on what we lack. This is something that Action for Happiness champion – such a simple act that may only take a minute out of your day can boost your endorphins and when practiced regularly, can improve one’s overall sense of wellbeing.

Here at Donkeylogic, we believe that the International Day of Happiness movement is a great way to make us stop and acknowledge what brings us joy in our lives. So we thought we’d share with you some of the things that make us happy!

Some things that make us happy in the office are:

  • Productive meetings
  • A colour-coded project calendar!
  • Getting some heaters (our office is a giant shed and gets so cold in the winter!)
  • Having yummy treats to eat in team meetings
  • When clients like our ideas as much as we do
  • Having milk in the fridge for our much-needed tea and coffees
  • Our monthly sports and social events (which usually involve food!)
  • Getting regular updates from our adopted donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary
  • When the fruit bowl is full
  • Having funky music on while we work!

And apparently, balloons make Justin and Thu Nguyet’s 1 year old Emile very happy!

international happiness day

We encourage you to do something today to make someone smile (perhaps you could bake some cupcakes and deliver them to your loved ones, buy some flowers for your partner/friend/mum, offer to cook dinner or leave a nice note on someone’s windscreen).

But don’t forget about yourself too! If you like doing yoga, go to a yoga class. If you enjoy reading, spend half an hour before bed snuggled up with a good book. If you’ve had a long day, have a relaxing bath. Make sure you spend some time doing something that makes you feel calm and content.


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