Don those Bright Tights!

The Saturdays girls in their Up video, Daphne Blake from Mystery Incorporated and Robin Hood have at least one thing in common - they’re not afraid to wear bright tights... and they do it with style! (We would like to just take this opportunity to point out that the reference is to the Robin Hood: Men in Tights version of the famous archer)

Here at Donkeylogic headquarters, all members of the team were keen to show their support for Bright Tights Day 2017. The men decided not to let the name hamper their efforts - the ladies wore bright tights and the men opted for bright ties (we all agreed it sounded close enough!). The end result was a wonderfully colourful Friday.

Bright Tights is a local Guernsey charity which has three main aims:-

  1. to promote awareness of gynaecological cancers,
  2. to raise funds for gynaecological cancer research, and
  3. to provide support to women who have or are recovering from the disease in Guernsey.

“Gynaecological cancer unlike breast cancer is something that many people aren’t aware of. Tights cover the area of the body affected by gynaecological cancers and it’s a fun way to get the message across. It is really important that people aren’t afraid to discuss such issues and we hope that our ‘bright tights’ event gets the message across loud and clear,” - Pat Child, Bright Tights Day organiser, 2012.


Bright Tights at home...
Bright Tights at home...
Bright Tights
Bright Tights at work...
Bright Tights
Bright tights at the barn!