Over the past few weeks, Megan from our Design Team, has been travelling across England competing in dog agility shows.

“What is dog agility?” you may ask. Megan best describes it as horse show jumping for dogs. The dog has to compete a course, set by a judge and directed by the handler, in the quickest time with the least amount of faults.

Megan and her mum with their two dogs (Pickle and Donut) travelled to Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex, Rutland, Leicestershire, Suffolk and Bath competing against, on average, 60 dogs in each class. They were very successful at all of the competitions they attended. One of which was the largest dog agility show in the world - with over 3000 dogs competing and more than 200 in some of their classes!

To progress within the sport, dog and handler have to win their way up through the grades, from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  Megan and Pickle started this year in Grade 5, but at their second competition of the year, won up to Grade 6 with two wins.  There is a rule which states there must be 25 days “floating” between grades, meaning you continue to compete at the old grade and if any further wins are incurred then they do not count to any more progression - they are effectively freebies.  Megan and Pickle gained four more wins within the 25 days, as well as multiple other placings.

During their time away, once the 25 days were over and they were competing at their new grade, Megan and Pickle accumulated enough points over two of the days to go into the finals for Grade 6 at a show called Dogs In Need.  Unfortunately they were eliminated in the final, but to get to the final at their second show in Grade 6 was a great achievement.  This was ‘topped’, however, at their last English show of the year when they won two classes towards Grade 7 meaning they are now half way to the highest possible grade (as four wins are required to progress)!


Not the only success in the family, Megan’s mum, Melanie, and her dog, Donut, progressed from Grade 2 to Grade 4 this year and also reached the Grade 4 finals at the Dogs In Need show.


Here is a video of Megan and Pickle in action.