Work Experience – Charlie Sheridan

Charlie Sheridan joined us last week as part of a work experience week. Here is his account of his time with us:

Over the course of my work experience week, I worked with every member of the Donkeylogic team.  I worked with both hardware and software, from taking the devices apart to creating my own test website made with HTML and CSS.

At first, working from 9am - 5pm was a “shock to the system” in comparison to being at school, but I luckily managed to cope.  If anyone is planning on doing some work experience, whatever the company, be prepared to feel shattered (even if you are not doing very physical work).

The team were very friendly and helped me with any nerves, worries or queries I had.  Throughout the week, they included me in their work and answered any questions I had as well as helping me understand anything that I was not sure of.  The office had music playing every day.  It was nice to be involved in the team's professional but relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

When I first came into the office, I had a Mac set up for me to work from.  On the Mac, I logged my working day, defining what I did and when.  Before I joined Donkeylogic, Macs were almost alien to me as I had previously been exclusively a Windows user.  However, with some assistance, I got used to the different software and am now able to navigate a Mac fairly well.

I spend a lot of my time with the Design Team as well as the Support Team where I shadowed their ongoing work and was involved by asking plenty of questions.  With the Design Team, Jordan and Megan helped me create my own little website using HTML and CSS code where I was able to style it in the way I wanted.  Scott and Jordan from The Support Team allowed me to go offsite with them to travel to clients who had problems with their computers.

Overall, my time with Donkeylogic was very enjoyable and a good introduction into working.  I have had a great week and learned a lot. I would highly recommend taking a work experience week (or longer!) with Donkeylogic as they have a friendly working environment and give a good insight onto how work is "in the real world".

Thank you Justin and the rest of the team!