“I’ll Just Ecosia It”

Recently at Donkeylogic, we have moved away from using Google as our search engine, but instead use Ecosia. A member of our team had heard of Ecosia so we thought we would all give it a try instead of using Google.

What is Ecosia?
Powered by Bing, Ecosia is a search engine which launched in 2009 with the philosophies of “believing in everyone’s power to do good” and that people are more important than profits. The way which Ecosia is different to the other search engines out there is that every time you search something new, you have helped to plant a tree somewhere around the world.

Ecosia have planted 1 million trees by 2014 and at the time of writing this blog post, 6,333,000 trees have been planted just from people browsing the internet!

How does it work?

All you need to do is simply go to ecosia.org and start searching! Whenever you search, the search adverts and paid for searches generate income for Ecosia. This income then goes to plant trees in Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Peru.

Why trees?

Ecosia believes that trees are nature’s high-impact home remedy and they have so many benefits including:

  1. Cool climate
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Soil protection
  4. Clean air
  5. Happy people
  6. Water security

Why have Donkeylogic started using it?

We already try to be as environmentally friendly as possible by recycling whatever we can and trying to be as paperless as possible, so decreasing the impact we have on the environment even more we are very happy to do. By planting trees, we feel that the paper that we do use, although it is as minimal as possible, is being replaced without any effort at all.

Working in a primarily digital industry and ever-increasing digital world, we spend more time on our computers than most so it is an ideal opportunity to make a big impact. Particularly as we spend a lot of time searching the internet when we are researching before a project. Now we can not only use that time to inform the creative decisions for our products and impress our clients, but also to do something good for the rest of the world.

If the statistics on Ecosia’s website are to be believed, they predict Donkeylogic will raise enough to plant a total of 137 trees after a year of using Ecosia. We are trying to make it more than that though!

If we have persuaded you to try Ecosia in your home or your office, check out this link for the impact you can make on the world.