Solve Your Wireless Woes

The humble wireless router is fast becoming one of the most important devices in our homes and businesses. It is responsible for “routing” all of our internet traffic to our iPads, iPhones and Games Consoles amongst other things. It is really important that you choose the router that is best suited to your digital lifestyle. A lot of the time the routers provided by your Internet Service Provider are low-cost and easy to set up but provide a sub-par internet experience. Often just choosing the right router will provide you with a more reliable internet connection.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this point. Meet Jeff. He lives with his wife and two children. They are keen users of technology but would never describe themselves as experts (sound familiar?). Jeff and Jeff’s wife both have a smartphone and a tablet each, which they use alongside a shared desktop computer. The children both have tablets and share a games console. As you have probably gathered, Jeff’s family have a pretty standard set up for the modern family home. However, they are finding the internet is sluggish when everybody is at home and online. This is most probably due to the fact they are still using the router given to them for free as part of their internet package. A better specified router will provide Jeff with better performance in this situation. Many people don’t realise but Routers are like computers, they have processors too! A more capable processor found in a higher-end router brings with it improved performance. Increasingly, people like Jeff are getting in touch with Donkeylogic for advice and support.

We understand that there are multiple options when it comes to choosing a router and we have lots of experience in helping select the right one for you from a range of highly-regarded brands.

Another common problem is wireless coverage (how far your signal reaches). This is especially prominent in Guernsey as a lot of the older Guernsey homes are constructed from granite, which limits the effectiveness of a wireless connection. We hear often of clients who can’t access their wireless connections where they need them in the home. This is incredibly frustrating but can be easily solved with the addition of Wireless Extenders, which take a weak connection and boost it. This can be done either using your home socket wiring or wirelessly depending on your needs. We strive to simplify complexity at Donkeylogic and can provide advice on which extenders to select and even offer a set up service.

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