Work Experience – Josh Holdaway


When I first came into the office, I was greeted with a warm welcome by the team; Justin, Jordan T, Jordan D, and Thu Nguyet.  I immediately got stuck in by assigning me a workstation where I would work and train.  We then went through all of the admin that was required for me to work on their servers as well as a walkthrough of certain programs which Donkeylogic use.  This procedure allowed me to have an inside view at how a company works to integrate new employees, I also was able to have a look at what I might be faced with in the future if I choose this career path.   



Before I started my work experience at Donkeylogic, I had an interview with Justin to discuss what I wanted to in the future and what kind of skills I need to develop to be successful in this area of work.  Within that conversation, we discussed that SQL, CSS, and HTML were essential to what I needed to know.  Justin then suited the work experience over the week to my specific databases and website design languages as they would help with my further career choices but also what I have an interest in.  

Call Outs

Being able to meet clients was, without a doubt, one of my favourite parts of the week.  It meant that I could see how Justin and the other employees were when they were out of the office and at someone else's house or business.  When we were at a client's, I was taken through everything they did whilst there. I was also allowed to help with a repair job they had to do, which was great as I was able to get hands-on and learning by experience - I really enjoyed that.


What I Learnt

My experience working in an IT company for a week made me realise just how much is needed to know about different operating systems, such as Windows and iOS X.  Having to know both inside out was paramount to meet the client's expectations. I learnt so much about both operating systems in my time there, I am really grateful to everyone at Donkeylogic.

Whilst I was there, I helped with; updating servers, call outs to client's computers and exploring each system by finding problems and repairing them.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Donkeylogic. The team gave me such a warm welcome every morning and made me feel one of the team immediately, and that meant I enjoyed it that much more.  I would highly recommend doing work experience with Donkeylogic, even if you are just a tiny bit interested in working with computers.