Work Experience – Jack Elliott

Work Experience. Two words that strip all rational thought from the mind of a teen, and threatens to crush them under the sudden weight of responsibility. Two words that send them into a state of panic. What’s a CV? Where’s the best place to go according to my interest? How do I set up an interview? WHAT DO I WEAR?

Unfortunately for you, I am not here to answer any of those questions. So if you are here for answers on how to be prepared for Work Experience, I am afraid you’ll have to continue your search, goodbye, sayonara, adieu!

However, if you are here for information about what is in store when Donkeylogic is your destination for your placement, then you’ve come to the right place. Although I’m sure you already knew that, considering this blog post is on the Donkeylogic website.

Before I begin, I should probably introduce myself. Hi! I’m Jack, proud member of The Grammar School and ‘survivor’ of Work Experience. I’m here to tell you about what happened to me during that dreaded week which isn’t nearly as bad as you thought it would be.

So then, you have been assigned Donkeylogic for your work experience. I bet you are thrilled (NB: Conveying sarcasm in a blog is unnecessarily hard). But you should be thanking your lucky stars. Until now, I bet you haven't heard of Donkeylogic (I hadn’t!), so I’ll give you the 411:

Donkeylogic is an IT consultancy business with experience across many IT related industries including Software Development, ICT Service Provision, Web Design and much more. Donkeylogic Limited is owned by Mr Justin Guilbert and his wife Mrs Thu Nguyet Doan-Guilbert. They have three other employees: Jordan J.C. Travers, Jordan Dodsworth and Loki the Dog (No I’m not kidding, she’s Head of Public Relations!).

The team at Donkeylogic are all extremely friendly and helpful, always willing to listen and help no matter how much work they’ve got to get on with themselves. And, for a relatively small business with a lot of work piling up, the atmosphere is a lot more lighthearted than you might think, with music playing in the background, the occasional bit of ‘banter’ and, of course, the frequent petting sessions of Loki (Be prepared! She loves to lick newcomers!).

At the start of the week, Justin and Jordan (Dodsworth) helped me set up my workstation, complete with Mac Mini! Be warned if you are a Windows user, they will lecture you non stop about how Mac is superior! Throughout the week, I went out with Justin and Jordan to Call Outs (which is visiting clients) and helped them with various problems. This ranged from fixing Wi-Fi ‘Dead Zones’ in a client’s house, to testing Ethernet plugs in The Cobo Community Centre.

Justin will try his hardest to ensure you get a taste for everything they do in the office, including working through SQL questions, working with Jordan (Dodsworth) to fix or discover problems on various systems that are sent in by clients, and even doing some creative things like designing websites and other things with Jordan Travers.

Another job I did, which I found extremely fun, was to take apart a Windows XPS 8500 desktop, fit new parts and install Windows 8 onto the system. I found this job really interesting because it allowed me to learn exactly how each part inside a desktop works.

So to sum it up, Donkeylogic made my week an incredible experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the employees made Donkeylogic a truly one of a kind place to work. Count yourself incredibly lucky if you get to do your work experience placement there.