Our new arrival

Jordan Dodsworth

If you are asked to come up with a couple of really common boys’ names, Jordan probably wouldn’t be top of the list. But we have managed to find another one and are delighted to introduce you to Jordan Dodsworth, also known as “New Jordan” or 006, who has recently joined us as a Technical Support Consultant.

Jordan will be the first line of contact for our Mac service line from a technical support and consultancy perspective as well as running our busy workshop. Our Mac service line covers a wide range of home and business support scenarios, from organising photo libraries and fixing poor WiFi reception to configuring NAS file servers with offsite DR backup strategies on mixed-platforms. Workshop-wise we provide upgrade and repair services for out-of-warranty Apple computer products.

Jordan was born and educated in Guernsey but opted to stay on the island when he left school. He previously worked for iQ and for the last two years he has been with Sure in a retail sales role. He has been providing IT support for his family since he was in short trousers, so a career in the technology field was probably always on the cards. Over the last 8 weeks he has enjoyed immersing himself in, and enjoying, his new challenge as part of the Donkeylogic team.

“I have really enjoyed looking after clients on the shop-floor in my previous roles, but in a large corporation your role is inevitably very defined and I found I was only able to provide part of the customer experience. Working in a small organisation gives me the freedom to see projects through from inception to completion with clients, managing the customer journey in its entirety. I am very service-driven and I am looking forward to helping Donkeylogic deliver the service levels both Apple and our customers deserve and expect.”

Whilst Jordan is first and foremost our ‘Mac Man’, he will also be involved with other areas of the business such as web development, programming and data analysis. The varied role he will have was one of the real attractions for him.

“I am really excited about being able to make a real contribution to the long-term growth of the company as well as developing new skills. It’s a small company so everyone gets involved in so many things. We work hard but in a relaxed, fun environment.”

When Jordan is not at work we have given him some light reading – a couple of weighty tomes he needs to power through in preparation for his Apple Certification exams.

Jordan has already proven himself to be a great contribution to the team and we look forward to celebrating his exam success in the not too distant future!