Macs and Malware


For a long time, Mac users have felt content that they are essentially safe from viruses, trojans, malware, adware...essentially all those pesky things our Windows-using peers have had to install software to combat before they can safely use the Internet.

That was, for the most part, true - as long as you were being a "good Web citizen" and avoiding torrents, "risqué" websites and other potential click-bait traps you could rest assured that you (and your precious Mac) were safe.

Not so any more.  Sadly, the prevalence of the Mac platform, coupled with our general laissez-faire attitude to virus protection, has now resulted in there being a number of security compromises "out in the wild".  As Mac support technicians, we have seen in the last year a gradual increase in the incidences of Malware - specifically Geneio, Conduit & others of their ilk - cropping up and slowing down our clients' computers.

So what do we do about it?

At present we are less inclined to install paid antivirus software products like Norton, McAfee and others as the risk is still fairly minimal.  However, it makes good sense to run a periodic check of your machine...ideally for free.

This is where MalwareBytes AntiMalware for Mac (MBAM) comes in.  The name may not be catchy, but the product is excellent from both a usability and a price perspective.

The steps to follow are pretty straightforward:-

  1. Download and install MBAM from
  2. Double-click the downloaded package
  3. Follow the simple instruction to drag & drop it into the Application Folder shortcut
  4. Find MBAM in your Applications folder, run it, grant it permission to install the helper and let it download the updates
  5. Hit the "Scan" button & wait for the results


  6. Hopefully you've not found any issues...if you have, allow MBAM to remove them for you & restart your computer

All being well you saw this:-


If you didn't get the above screen & run into problems...or if you have any other concerns about your Mac and need a little help...don't hesitate to get in touch.  We are here to help, after all.