Work Experience benefits us all

I'm sure most of us can remember our week of work experience all those years ago - dressed in smart work clothes for the first time, getting a lift from your mum or dad as you sat in trepidation in the passenger seat, the butterflies fluttering away in your stomach... It was your modern-day introduction into society (albeit working society), and from that you were expected to choose the path that would determine where your adult life would start in 5 or 6 years time. During my work experience, I shadowed a new person every day and was out of the office for half of the week! A friend, however, was placed in a similar company and spent the whole week sat on reception. I knew I was lucky to have had the chance for such a great experience.

Fast forward just over 15 years and it's now our turn to help the next generation. Looking back, at the time I remember thinking how daunting a WHOLE week at a real company sounded! I remember the days seemed to go on forever, I was used to finishing my day at 3pm when I went home from school. But I know better now, a week flies by so quickly. It's such a small amount of time to use to then plan the rest of your life and career from. Therefore, it's our responsibility to try and fit in as much experience into the week as possible to provide the young boy or girl with as much knowledge to be able to make an informed decision about their future. Even if they finish the week with the knowledge that the job wasn't what they expected or hoped for, it would be a shame but at least they know they need to go back to their School Careers Service and see what else there is out there.


We believe in the benefits of work experience for all. In the short time since Donkeylogic Limited was set up, we have taken on 4 young people. 2 through Kickstarter, a programme aimed at helping those who (for one reason or another) have not been in employment for a number of years, and 2 through GWEx (Guernsey Work Experience), a programme that organises work experience for years 10 and 11, and is part of the Guernsey Careers Service. Out of these 4, 3 were successful placements and 1 of which went so well, we decided to keep him on as a permanent part-time employee!

We were recently asked to speak at the St Sampsons' High Works Experience Evening on the benefits of Works Experience for both student and employer.  We were more than happy to do so, considering the success of our 2 GWEx placements and the hard work and professionalism of the teachers and government agencies who do their utmost to ensure things go smoothly.