Fort Richmond Occupied once again

For a great deal of people who grew up in Guernsey, the iconic landmark that is Fort Richmond is probably full of fond memories. Built in 1855, during a time when Guernsey was deemed to be under threat of invasion by France. Over the years it's been home to surfers and served as a youth club to many. Though, in more recent times, it's become a neglected, empty building that's been closed to the public.

However, with the property coming back onto the market, the States of Guernsey decided to organise an open day. We quickly jumped on the chance to take a look at our potential new office! It's unfortunately a bit of a 'doer-upper', so a little out of our price range. So much so that even the National Trust had to, regrettably, forego undertaking such a huge project.


The open day was incredibly eye opening. Each room we entered seemed to have been retrofitted at some point to suit whatever particular purpose was required at the time. It meant that each room was a patchwork of cheap solutions in a far older, grander structure. The courtyard facing the entrance has a sink present just inside the building. The sink is mounted on an old door that's been erected in place of a wall. This was obviously a quick solution for surfers to rinse the sand off when the building served as a surf club. There are many examples of this thriftiness adapting the building for its ever changing functions.


Fort Richmond is a strange mix of love and neglect and it's hard to pin down the exact atmosphere that's left behind in a building like this. The views from the roof are sublime, the interior is the stage for the Scooby gang's greatest adventure, yet it's still as welcoming as ever.